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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hook Hook Hooray! Week 7

I took some amazing Crochet Classes this week

A mixture of Beginners & Improvers

Look at the difference that a hook size & yarn size makes!

The Green is Chunky Yarn with a 6.5mm hook,
The Red is DK with a 3.5 mm hook &
The white one is made from size 10 cotton and a 1.25mm hook

And this WAS a beginner, who's now an Improver - just look at the fantastic Granny Square blanket she's made

How can you not love and lust over the fantastic colours?

Here are a few of the makes from this week....

A Baby Cardigan in the making 

Some extremely fine lace work using a size 20 cotton & 0.6mm hook

And a lovely Crochet Case

A basket made from thick cotton yarn

A Chunky Granny Square Blanket

Working in the round

A gadget case with eyelash yarn edging - looks amazing

Practicing changing colour

Mini Granny Squares

A Crochet Hook Case

Refreshments of Tiffin to keep us going at Sparrow UK

Another Baby Blanket with edging completed

Join as you Go Granny Squares

The start of a Pom Hat which was a pattern written by me & printed in Inside Crochet Magazine

 A very colourful Granny Blanket - a good way to practice colour changes

And the last lesson of the week didn't disappoint me either - well none of them do at all, but when you get presented with this - it's a hard act to follow!

PD made the hearts Garland - a pattern that I wrote for a recent Inside Crochet magazine

She's also keeping up to date with her Triangles blanket

Isn't it so neat??

Plus she's making a granny row blanket which is in the most delicious colours

Here's the bunting again

And she's also making this Bolster, designed by Tracey Todhunter!

PD is totally addicted to Crochet

Aren't I just the luckiest Crochet Teacher around???

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