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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Days 197 & 198 Hooked on Technology

I am sorry that I didn't blog yesterday - I was having trouble accessing the internet yesterday evening - I don't know why.  I did a few "cleans" of my computer and all seems OK now.  Give me a Crochet Hook & some wool rather than technology any day.

However saying this, I have come to realise that being a Crochet Teacher, Designer & Book Writer, one needs the internet & all the technology that it comes with now more than ever.

For example, I got an email from Amazon this morning which promotes my book!!
Yes that's it there, right on the top of the list.

I wonder how many people get this email?

I also contact & communicate with Inside Crochet and  Make & Craft  & other magazines via emails when I am submitting commissions & suchlike.

I order my wool on the internet from Yarn and Craft Shop
The Yarn & Craft Shop

And my eLearning Courses are all internet based

I also use emails to communicate with my Crochet Students & of course I have my Facebook pages:


There's also my You Tube Channel

& of course all the photo's that I take with my iPhone & have to "sync" across to my computer


So there you have it
Crochet & Technology have to be "hooked"
There's no other way around it!

Day 197 

Day 198 

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