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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Day 210 & 211 - lots to catch up on in Crochet World!

Just to remind you that you can take a sneak peak at my Crochet eLearning course for FREE! Just click on the link above.

Now for some more social networking! 

See I was right about Crochet & Technology....

This is what it says

“I can totally see why it got picked up on Pinterest. It's beautifully colorful and it takes a simple pattern idea that beginner crocheters can do but puts a new twist on it by combining different versions of the granny square motif. Plus it's a product people actually want to use since it's functional. Excellent.”
And coming from Kathryn Vercillo I am honoured!

Her website is http://www.crochetconcupiscence.com/ She has done so much for the world of Crochet!

Day 210 is this lovely purple hue - I have probably used this colour before BUT it went perfectly....

into the last slot in my current size of 15 x 14 squares

Do you get Lets Get Crafting Magazine?


Well you should because there is a free eLearning Crochet Bundle being given away.

Myself & Emma at Yarn and Craft
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  • A pack of all important stitch markers &
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Or if you can't wait that long then just pop to the shop & purchase online - simply click on the photo above!

Did I mention my Consultant Mr Savva earlier? Yes I think he did.  Well I remember the first time I went to see him at the Hospital in Dorchester.  I was wearing a pair of my Crochet Socks which he admired.  These socks were mentioned again just before the anesthetist had her wicked way with her syringe, but as I didn't see Mr Savva again, the conversation went no further apart from the fact that he had a smile on his face when he said he's like a pair.

So this morning I phoned his secretary, asked for his shoe size & preferred colour.
She phoned me back with the required information so I am now being taken to the Wool Shop by my friend Nicky to purchase the necessary.

 Isn't she so sweet - she wanted to buy me some flowers to say "Get Better Soon" & she bought me these flowery tins with lots of flowers on them!

They are lovely

So very pretty

They will look lovely in my Crochet Classroom

Now for the Sock Yarn

He said his favourite colour was bottle green

But as hard as I tried I couldn't find bottle green sock yarn, so I opted for this lovely variegated option instead 

Greens & Greys

I can't wait to get started on them but first I have to make a tension swatch as the pattern I like says "3 LIGHT" and my sock wool is 4ply!!

I best get my hook out quick as the wool for my next commission will arrive any day now!

I have also been asked to Crochet a Bikini for a lady in the Caribbean!!

GOSH - busy me!

The square for 211 is complete but I haven't taken a picture of it,

OK I lied, I have


 I would like to share some more Crochet World news with your from


Yes the Crochet Liberation Front are having a little "makeover"

Here's the news:

The CLF Member Service really needed to mature, we’ve grown a lot in the past 20 months so it was time to get a home that was more fitting to our member needs. We’re still going to have call ins and special workshops, in fact Harrison Richards of Furls Crochet is teaching a special workshop on how to start (or grow) a profitable creative business for under $200. He’s sharing the secrets of how he took a small Etsy shop with limited sales and turned his business into a worldwide brand! Super exciting You can check out that link here: http://www.clfmember.crochetliberationfront.com/sp/21857-grow-your-craft-business
The Crochet Liberation Front will remain my blog and a professional directory of crochet awesome.  We’re moving existing members over this week and I’m moving content over as well. We have a forum for people to ask questions and leave comments about the classes and posts in the member area, which will keep things ship shape and super organized.  The best of all I can host LOADS of audio and video programs in the member site and keep the information secure and members only. I really honor my members and if they are going to make the effort to invest in themselves I like to make sure their investment is worth while!
Our soft launch will continue through August and once we have the bulk of member content shifted over and some really awesome new stuff up we’ll do a big celebration!

Do take a look  -  this is invaluable if you want to be serious about your Crafty Business!



Now before you scroll down the page....

I am *warning* you that there is a picture of my ankle scar

So don't look if you don't want too

It's about 6 inches long


It's terribly neat 



I think my Consultant Mr Savva must have gone to sewing Classes

There is no blood and gore

I just looks like someone has drawn a red line down the lower part of my leg.


  1. That looks very neat indeed. So much information here that it is hard to take it all in! It is all good for crochet though :)

    1. Hiya, it does look neat doesn't it! I think he must have gone to sewing lessons! Thanks for stopping by :0) xx


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