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It turns it into something priceless."

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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Thank You Lady Julie Jools!

Yes this is the book that I have seached HIGH and LOW for.
I was begining to despare
I had tried everyone...
  • Amazon
  • EbaY
  • WHSmiths
  • Waterstones
  • The local Wool shop
  • Abebooks &
many many more

If you go online you will find loads of books available, but when you place your order, you get an email back to say "sorry out of stock"


As a last ditch attempt, and short of starting a charity shop search, I posted a "tweet" appeal on Twitter
Yes you've guessed it!

A fellow Twitter & Crochet Blog follower
came to the rescue!

She sent me a message to say that she had this very book & that she would part with it if I REALLY wanted her too.  I obviously said yes, bowing and on bended knee at the same time, and before you could say "Double Treble Crochet" the book was in the post to me. 
Well it arrived yesterday morning, and in between chores, I have not been able to put it down (as I am sure all you fellow Crocheters can imagine!

Here is an example of the inside of the book - pages and pages of many (well 200 to be precise) squares......

With a detailed picture of what the finished square should look like (very helpful A. to choose the square you want to make in the first place and B. to see if you have indeed followed the pattern correctly)

And you also get a guide as to which colours to use (you can obviously make up your own colour combinations) the difficulty guide (2 crochet hooks means some experience required) and how the square is worked e.g in rounds as in the example below or in rows!

So it's everything you need as a novice or even an experienced (I am not sure where I fall into on those two catagories) Crocheter

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
Thank You
Lady Julie Jools
I can't tell you how excited I am to have this book
I will dedicate the first square to you!


  1. Ali, Thanks for this post, it shows I did the right thing selling you the book, it's obviously made you very happy :-)

    Happy Crocheting Ali, I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.


  2. Yey, so glad you got it.. now I just need to find a copy!

  3. Ali, lucky you ! this is the very book I told you about and as I said was out of stock at Amazon, still is, so well done on getting it, i'm still waiting for my copy to be in stock again.

  4. Lady Julie Jools - I can never stop thanking you enough. You have made my crochet dreams come true.

    Apieceofwood & Maureen - I will keep my eyes open for you both and if I do find another copy I will let you know - what a shame such a popular book is out of print & also circulation - I will scour the local charity shops as planned!

    Thanks for reading!
    Keep up the blogs girls xx

  5. I love this book by Jan Eaton too - one of my favourite crochet books.

    Jocelyn in Australia


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