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Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Art of Crochet

This is the subscription magazine that got me started.  The 1st issue was 99p - you got a binder, a DVD the magazine, a crochet hook and a small 25g ball of wool.

I continued to go to WHSmiths every week to pick up the latest copy at £2.99 - for this you got the magazine and a new ball of wool. 

You do get a load of other patterns e.g. cushion covers, kiddies cardigans, scarves etc. to crochet, but the attraction for me was this beautiful throw.

After Issue 6, I was told by the lady in WHSmiths that it's normal for them to change to "Customer Orders Only" after a few issues, so in this case it was Issue 6 as I couldn't get Issue 7 off the shelf.  Nice of her to tell me when I was purchasing Issue 5 or indeed 6!
So I came home and placed an online subscription for Issue 7 which I have to wait for 28days for it to arrive, along with another 3 issues, so I may have to wait longer.

I have since calculated that the throw is approx 10 squares x 14 squares, so mulitply that by £2.99 and deduct the £2 not paid for the 99p magazine - that's £416 - one expensive throw!!

I don't have more money than brains, so I will immediately go online and cancel my subscription!


  1. Hi hun love your new blog,well I didn't get past the first stitch on that magazine,but your doing fab,well done you:)xxxx

  2. Thanks Inca - you a such a good friend. Very supportive in more ways than one (only you will understand that!) I hope we can meet one day. :) xx

  3. Ali, I am so glad you are going to cancel your subscription, as I said in the beginning it's a big take on. I worked it out that you would have to pay a ridiculous amount for the throw because they keep you buying the mag to the very end if you want to complete it as shown.
    The only good thing about it is that it got us in to crochet and now well and truly 'HOOKED'


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