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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Crochet Days in Dorset #2 - Beginners

Keep Calm and Crochet On

The classroom was prepared

The Fairy Lights were turned on

Chocolates were put out (in a Crochet Bowl of course, that sat on a Crochet Blanket & a Granny Square WIP !!)

Supplies were arranged on the table

And the scene was set!

The girls arrived!  The came from all over, including Ireland, Swindon, Wiltshire, Leicester, The Isle of Wight & of course Dorset!

We got going with the basics

Slip knots to start

which then turned into chains

Which were used to decorate the name badges!

More serious stitching took place

And as you can see, with the help of stitch markers (A hookers best friend), straight edges were soon achieved!

Then it was working in the round

Again using stitch markers

So that essential stitch joins were not missed

Working in the round soon turned into making Granny Squares

Which burst a bubble of excitement in the room

by B who had always wanted to make granny squares

And S who had been on a crochet course before, said that she'd learnt new, and better techniques than she had before, which she really loved

We also covered finishing off techniques, colour changes & fake finishes, as well as a little JayGo & magic knots!

Goody bags, made up of magazines, yarn packs & hooks etc. supplied by Lets Get Crafting Knitting & Crochet, Inside Crochet, Purple Linda Crafts & more, where received with huge beaming smiles.

We had some lovely lunches and a GREAT meal on the Saturday night at The Willows in the village, where the chat flowed well into the night.

The feedback forms that the girls completed made me glow with pride.  I don't think that I can change anything that I am doing to improve this course from what they have told me.

This crochet retreat, plus the Improvers one a month ago, have both gone extremely well.

The girls set up a Facebook Page!

I was able to post a little pattern on there for them to try at home and here's the results so far.....

Daisy Flowers!

Don't they look amazing.

If you would like to come to my next Crochet retreat in May then there are still 2 places left, so do get in touch.

The cost of this Crochet retreat is £150 for the two days with ALL materials supplied.

There is more information on my website


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