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Monday, 19 October 2015

Childrens Crochet Party

I had a booking for a Childrens Crochet Party the other week

So I put balloons on the gate with my usual, colourful "Crochet Classes Here" sign

I borrowed colourful cups and plates & bought some stripy drinking straws

Along with a load of cup cakes

And chocolate bars

I put colourful balls of wool and some crochet hooks in a basket

And made sure that my classroom was looking lovely

I also added to their 5 a day by making fruit juice cocktails

And when they arrived it was smiles all around

As they threaded lots of beads onto their wool.

and starte to make chains

Very long ones too!

We all made lovely beaded bracelets and necklaces

All the girls got goody bags to take home, along with what they had made and their ball of wool & a crochet hook.

Saturday 10th October 2o15Hi AliThank you so much for yesterday. Katie had a great time and can’t wait to return. She has been crocheting all day today! The girls loved the food and the fact that they could take their hooks and wool home. They were especially impressed by the room! Thank you for going to so much trouble.See you soonLouise 


  1. The party concept is fantastic - what a great way to keep the craft alive and share your gifts with others!!

    1. Thanks, I agree, it's a great way to keep the craft alive. :)


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