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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The last few weeks

In Sherborne I take an Improvers class at The slipped Stitch. Isn't this just the yummiest looking cup cake one of my pupils made?

 In a workshop that I take for a class from my classroom at home we decided to make cable cowls from the then latest issue of Inside Crochet.  Sue no.2 made this one modelled by Sue no.1. Gorgeous colour and lovely buttons too (changed from a zip to buttons)

The lovely Nicky, a friend, made my pin cushion that's in the latest Inside Crochet magazine. It's so handy as you wear it on your wrist. 

  I am so jealous of this sheep by DMC which is in The Slipped Stitch. Into want one!

  I have been busy writing my 2nd book. I will say no more.  4 projects are complete so far, so I have said some more!

One of my pupils made this, her first garment.  It's a shame that there an error in the pattern. 

These baby blankets, by another pupil who only learnt to crochet in January, are fantastic.

And another pupil showing me her JayGo skills

More of my pin cushions by another pupil. She gave them out to class! 

And little Molly who's resting her head on a ball of wool at Sparrow UK during another class. 

I love the colours of this baby hexagon blanket. All in chunky. 

58 hexagons so far by me.  Today is day 67 so I am 9 behind but it won't take long to catch up. 

  I have been making this bear you see.  Started in class at the Sparrow UK and turning out so cute in scraps of chunky that it's addictive !!

Until the next blog post - Happy Hooking. X

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