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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Weeks 45 to 47 - Christmas & more

I have been mega busy these last few weeks:
In no particular order, here is some of my Crochet World to share with you....

I had to make swatches for a book publishers - this is now all done and dusted pre deadline!
Thankfully I am now up to date with all my commissions for customers, books & magazines!

My desk earlier this week - lots of Christmas Decorations being made for the Shillingstone Fayre on the 6th December.

When I went to teach at Sparrow UK this week

I was shown the joined blankets made from the squares that were crocheted on the trip to the London Knit & Stitch in October

One is going to Julia's House & the other to Weldmar - both charities based in Dorset.

In class I started to make a hat with a pupil & got hooked - I have now finished this one & started another (more later)

This is the lovely MK, my old lady friend that I visit weekly via Age Concern

I made her this hat from Merino Aran - she loves it.

Below is Jan who learns Crochet at Sparrow UK

She's thrilled that she can now crochet with straight edges

And here's HS joining her granny squares

She has loads to join & I can't wait to see her finished blanket.

I found this old Crochet stitch & pattern book at a "Curiosity" place

Some very interesting patterns in there - one for "ladies knickers"

I started to teach a new beginners class at The Slipped Stitch in Sherborne last Monday

Here they all are with straight edges, thanks to my tuition & stitch markers!!


  1. What did the 'ladies knickers' look like? I'm imagining a very frilly pattern.

    1. Hi Sarah, sorry for the late reply - well what can I say!! I will leave that to your imagination, but to me they were very plain and looked a little itchy!
      Thanks for reading my blog. Crochet Love. Ali

  2. They are beautiful

    1. Many thanks Country Wife & Thanks for reading my blog. Crochet Love. Ali

  3. Hi, I love your craft, is beauty, I love a colors, I follow your blog, I have a blog about crochet, visit me , hugs from Brazil.
    Visit my blog - Tita Carré - free patterns crochet

    1. Many thanks Roberta, I will certainly talke a look at your blog. Crochet Love. Ali


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