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Friday, 11 July 2014

Weeks 26 to 28 Crochet Chillin'

Hi there, I know I didn't post last week, but I did warn you in Week 25 that I would be winding down for the summer!!

So I have!

I am only teaching on Tuesdays now - Mornings from home & in the Evenings from Sparrow UK in Shaftesbury

I was amazed to see that 2 of my pupils picked exactly the same pattern to work on but in 2 totally different colourways!

I was thrilled to learn that one pupil had translated a pattern from US to UK crochet & another had made a start on a garment using this fan stitch pattern

I played around with an "app" and make a photo globe for Crochet in June which was well like on instagram (follow me Crochet_Ali)

Have you come across this photo before? 

Or this one of a guy on the London Tube? 

I made the most of the sunshine & spent some time in the front courtyard, enjoying the sun

with my crochet hook to hand!

My jayGo tuition must have gone well last week

Just look at the fab results

The wonderful colours

and the sheer brilliance of this excellent method of joining squares

A lady called me today.  She want's to sign up for one of my workshops in September, however the thing that made me smile is what she said "Hello, is thatAli? I am a big fan of yours"  I obviously beamed.  She then went on to tell me that she's making my rainbow sweater from issue 48 of Inside Crochet magazine!!  
I beamed some more!

Here is my Triangle a Day blanket so far.

I am pleased to say

That I am up to date with 192 triangles for day 192 (today) although I have a few blanket WIP's

My great student PD came to class today and showed me her Blanket WIP

I love it!

And now for a little humour....

"I don't understand my wife's addiction"

And a little male nudity...............................





You have been warned!

scroll down a little more...........

seen on Facebook today!

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