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Sunday, 4 May 2014

A week of Hooky Peace(Sort of) - Week 17

A week of Hooky Peace - well sort of!!

You see, April had 5 weeks in it and my workshops ran for 4 weeks, so this last week was a good week for catching up on Social Media sites, with commissions & some WIP's!

I did however take 1 private class & 1 workshop
(I just can't help myself)

JP came for her class & I was very impressed to see her lessons ....

 ...and homework

All filed....

....and looking FAB

A constant reminder of her progress AND improvement!

In only a few lessons as she has progressed so well & is already making a toy!

It just goes to show you how much more improvement is made with private / One2One lessons

I also took a new Beginners Class in Shaftesbury at Sparrow UK on Friday morning

They all did terribly well

Learning the basic stitches of double crochet & half trebles

and they have lots of homework to do too!!

The reduced teaching hours for me this week meant that I had time to work on a few commissions & also to get on with my stripey blanket which was inspired by one that a pupil has made after looking at "littlewoollie's" blog online

I haven't followed the on online at all as this is a great way of trying out new stitches that one has been wanting to try out for ages..

Like Larksfoot stitch & some bobble's too!

More photo's of my progress will follow on here

As will progress of my Triangles Blanket....

Today is Day 124 & here is my progress so far

I am still ahead of the game with 131 triangles so far!

Here is one of the photo's that I posted on Instagram this week

If you want to see more - lots more as I am rather hooked on Instagram at the moment, then do pop over to see me here

That's all folks - it's the bank holiday weekend & I have promised myself NOT to use the computer at the weekend, so I have been a bit naughty by doing this today but I ran out of time on Friday



  1. This is one of the things lacking in my area....no crochet classes to go to, pity. Lovely folder of work as well. You must be very proud as her teacher.


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