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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Week 3 - Lots of HOOKING going on!!

The lovely ladies at The Wool Loft 
sent me two 100g beautiful hanks of 100% Lincoln Longwool to review

As it was a Chunky weight wool, I immediately thought of my "Chunky Warming Sock" pattern.

First I had to wind the hank into a ball with the help of my wool winder & then I got my hook out and got to work

I changed my basic pattern  (available here) , which is suitable for beginners - yes you CAN crochet socks,  to the one you see above and I can't tell you how pleased I am with them.

The wool itself is a delight to crochet with.  It looks a little rustic (which I like) however it is so smooth and silky feeling that it floats through your hook & is a pleasure to crochet with. It runs beautifully through your fingers, so much so that you don't want the experience to end.

As socks go - these are the best I have ever worn & as you probably know by now I have about 10 pairs of Crochet Socks in my collection.  Being 100% wool they keep your little toes 100% cosy toasty & at £8.99 a hank (you will need 2 for a pair) this little purchase of luxury is one that you won't regret.


Now for more "hookiness"

My favourite supplier The Yarn & Craft Shop are now stocking thee GREAT hooks by Clover

I had already bought the 6mm (brown) and the 4mm (purple) hooks some time ago, as these are the hook sizes I use the most.  I was waiting for The Yarn & Craft Shop to start stocking these wonderful hooks (whilst saving up at the same time) as they do mean that I can crochet for longer as they are so comfortable to hold, so I purchased another 3.  Only 3 more to go!!

Now for some classroom news - This week I taught 22 lovely ladies over 9 workshops / classes & here are some of the Crochet Creations made.....

At Sparrow UK in Shaftesbury we made Roses

In a private class we have started to make a baby cardigan & I have been reliably informed that progress has been made!

In Wednesday Evenings class we made flowers

Using new stitches & techniques

but not only that  - SS has made her first sock!

And in the week she sent me this picture

Aren't they just FAB!! I have a pair of bed socks & welly socks just like that. SS came to a 4 week Beginners workshop in November & look at her now - already crocheting socks!

In another class we made more hearts

And back at Sparrow UK we were treated (as always) to home made Coffee & Walnut Cake & Coffee
YUMMY - one of my pupils told me that she was "Teachers Pet" (she was a teacher herself before she took early retirement, so she should know all about this subject) and then she produced a copy of my book, which she then asked me to sign.  I was thrilled - a book signing!!

I must admit that I had to practice my signature as there is so little one signs these days

Did I mention that I like Crochet Socks?  LOL - here are just a few pairs drying on the Aga

Now for more "book" news

This fellow "Tweeter" bought my book recently and then sent me this photograph.  She's completed Project 1 - Flower Headband, which she has made a jolly good job of, & she's now started on Project  2 - A Beanie Hat

"Just started the beany hat. Love yr instructions feeling I'm getting somewhere at last with my crochet."
This is such great feedback to have & makes me burst with pride as LJ has learnt to read a crochet pattern!

News from Online Crochet Course 1:
This is a good 1st attempt - the stitches of Double Crochet are very neat, but the edges are wonky

But JB realised that and knew she had to practise & that's exactly what she did

Ta Dah - straight edges have been mastered 
& she now has a crochet bookmark

Fantastic work - I am so proud of your great work.

If you are in the Blandford Forum area on the 24th March then do come along to this fantastic Vintage Fair at The Corn Exchange from 10am to 4pm.

I went last year & it was one of the most well attended QUALITY fairs I have been too in a long time.

I'll be there with my crochet hook doing demonstrations this year!

I ended the week in style as my Pupil PD came for a private lesson bearing gifts

Her lovely mother made this Triangle Blanket chart, so that we now know exactly how many triangles "in formation" one will need for the 2014 blanket.

Thank you Mummy PD  - I couldn't have done this myself

Here is PD working away, sewing in ends (which is an art in itself) on her Triangle Blanket

And here is HER hook set - she got it as a Christmas present & I am, needless to say, a little envious

They look lovely as a set - so "Rainbow"

And finally - today is Day 25 and here is my 25th square.

Until next week fellow hookers.

Oh yes, I will be producing the next newsletter soon so if you don't want to miss out 


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