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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Granny A Day 288

This is Granny a Day 288

And this is Granny A Day so far

It's now 18 squares by 16 squares

I had to jump up up on the sofa for extra height to capture, or try to capture the complete blanket, but without complete success unfortunately


  1. vHello! My name is Yoli, and I’m addicted to crocheting, too! My to go projects are usually hats and the occasional scarf. I gravitate towards hats because I can usually finish one in a few hours, and its instant gratification for myself! I usually give them away as gifts, which is extremely rewarding, too. Well, I’ve always wanted to make a granny square blanket, and your idea of a square a day is probably the only way I’m going to ever accomplish this. Then once I finish the first blanket, then maybe I could crochet 2 or 3 squares a day. Then I could then give them as gifts during the holidays to family and friends. So, I’m starting today and my goal would be that by next year at this time I’ll have a beautiful blanket to use at home or give as a gift at Christmas. Thanks again for the idea and inspiration to finally start on this goal.

    Happy Crocheting,

    Hats by Yoli

  2. Hi Yoli, So glad you like my blog and the Granny A Day idea - I hope you do get a chance to make a GAD yourself. Happy Crocheting and do let me know how you get on!


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