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Friday, 29 June 2012

GAD 180 - What an exciting day!

This story does lead to my GAD 180!

We had a film crew at our house today
shooting photo's for an album cover

And as you can just make out in this picture, lengths of wool were attached to the piano keys

So I asked them, when they had finished with the lengths of wool they were using, if I could have them and I used the to make GAD 180!

How exciting was that!

However even more exciting is that I had my first DORSET crochet pupil today - AHA
She found me through an advert that I placed in the Blackmore Vale Magazine

She had been taught by a friend previously  and had come along with a Granny Square that they had started together, but she hadn't been taught the "traditional" granny way, and wasn't putting in 1ch spaces or 3 chain corners, nor did she know how to start the Granny Square of as that's something that her friend had done, however she did know how to crochet a Treble, which was great and another advantage is that she was really passionate about learning to crochet.!  She had also told me that she had attended  a disastrous "group" class in the past too, so an individual 1 to 1 class was just what she was looking for.

Together we practiced a foundation chain, which incorporated holding the wool correctly to give a good tension and then we went on to making her 1st Granny Square - the MAC way!

She did really well and we even got up to row 3 by the time our class time went by as she was already an expert in crocheting trebles!

It was great to get back into teaching crochet again and I am looking forward to meeting AHA again soon as I have so much  more to teach her e.g. working in rows, colour changes, following a pattern, reading crochet symbols.........!! the list goes on

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  1. lol I love that they gave you the wool afterwards! Nice colours too. It's going to be really nice when you finish the blanket, looking at the different squares and the different memories each evokes. Glad you've found a pupil :)


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